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Mary Minten, PhD, MFT, CST
Marriage and Family therapist
Certified Sex Therapist 
AASECT Supervisor-in-Training

Dr. Minten holds a doctorate in counseling from Oregon State University. This degree focuses on advanced clinical practice, supervision, teaching, and research. She has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. This degree focused on diagnosis and treatment of mental health concerns, counseling theory and techniques, as well as relationship concerns. 

Dr. Minten is committed to diversity and social change including ongoing work in advocacy and training for disability, race, age, gender/gender identity, sexual and affectional orientation, documentation status, and class.

Her additional training includes a post-graduate certificate program in Marriage and Family Therapy and a second post-graduate certificate in Sex Therapy. She has a specialization in LGBTIQIAP/ GRSM families and relationshipps.  She is a member of  AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists), AAMFT (American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists),  and she is a KAP (Kink Aware Professional). She has advanced training in sexual health, relational health, prevention and wellness for relationships, evidence-based modalities such as Emotion-Focused Therapy, motivational interviewing, Gottman Method (Certified), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Systemic and Existential Therapy, and EMDR. She brings to her work an in-depth understanding of techniques to deepen creativity.  She has worked as an ally and activist since 1995 to support diversity in our communities and move toward social change across social privilege categories. All of these pieces come together to provide the best care for her clients.

Dr. Minten offers supervision to Marriage and Family Therapist Interns in Nevada and to professionals seeking competency as sex therapists including supervision toward AASECT certification. She has taught at Oregon State University and Saybrook University and currently teaches at  the University of Nevada Reno and The Buehler Institute. She provides continuing education programs on sexual health, sex therapy, motivational interviewing, relationship wellness, and more. She presents continuing education programs through local non-profit and educational organizations and a range of national conferences. 

​What do all the letters mean?
PhD: Doctorate in Philosophy, Counseling
MA: Master's Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology
MFT: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
CST: Certified Sex Therapist (This designation is not always associated with national standards of a national board. Dr. Minten is certified with AASECT - American Association for Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists and with ABS - American Board of Sexology. Boards typically require rigorous training,  continuing education, and ongoing connection to a community of providers through annual conferences.)
AASECT Certified
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KAP Professional
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Dr. Minten is invested in community support for clinicians. Many of these groups are run in collaboration with other clinicians or community groups and Dr. Minten is a collaborator, co-founder, and co-facilitator.

Please call if you are interested in any of the following.

Solidarity Social is for BIPOC and/or SGM clinicians in Nevada. This is a social group and is free to all students, interns, and clinicians.

The Gender Affirming Care Consultation Group is for Nevada clinicians working with transgender, gender fluid, genderqueer clients and is free to all students, interns, and clinicians.

Sex Therapy Interest Group is group for Nevada students, interns, and clinicians who are interested in building competence and supporting ongoing competence for our area in regard to sexual health and sex therapy. The email group is free, regular meet-and-greet events are free, and some events are free. Some events might have a charge and any cost will be noted in email announcements.

MFT/CPC Supervision for interns in Nevada is $60 per individual hour and $30 per group hour.

AASECT Supervision is for AASECT supervisees and is currently, 2021, $175   per individual hour and, when available, $85 group hour. 

Dr. Minten also teaches sex therapy to students, interns, and licensed professionals and aims to do so through organizations that have reasonable costs for continuing education. Call for our latest training events.

775 329 4582 ext 8