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Mary Minten, PhD, MFT, CST

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In-person sessions
1005 Forest Street
Reno, NV 89509
In-person is available at this location.

Telehealth Sessions
We are now offering telehealth visits. Please check with your insurance to see that they are covered if you plan to use insurance. If you want to enroll in telehealth sessions please give us a call. In your voicemail confirm we can email you and leave your email address on the voice message (speak slowly and clearly and spell twice!). 

Note email is not as protected in terms of your privacy or confidentiality - so you must confirm you give us permission to use your email address. Email is available for telehealth visits and is limited to scheduling appointments and accessing links for visits (we do not share other information by email (i.e. email is not used for urgent concerns or treatment topics)).

Payment Options

We accept self-pay clients. Sessions are $300 with a $50 discount for on-time payment: $250 per session for paying on-time.

We are currently providers for one insurance panel which is Prominence.

For all other insurance panels, we can provide you with a superbill to submit to your panel to see if they will reimburse you for part of the visit. In this process, you pay the session cost and insurance, if they have this option, may reimburse you for some of the visit or count the visit toward a deductible. Not all plans have this option - please check with your plan and see if they allow for this service and what if anything they would reimburse you. You to complete the billing and any follow up with your insurance over the course of treatment. We simply provide statement for you. 

Please check with your insurance company before starting as every insurance company has different plans and not all practitioners are on all plans. And not all plans include mental health services. Also deductibles and co-pays vary widely. 

 Contacting your insurance company will improve your understanding of who and what they will cover, any per-authorizations needed, etc. We do not provide this service.

Rippling refers to the fact that each of us creases – often without our conscious intent or knowledge – concentric circles of influence that may affect others for years, even for generations. That is, the effect we have on other people is in turn passed on to others, much as the ripples in a pond go on and on until they’re no longer visible but continue at a nano level. The idea that we can leave something of ourselves, even beyond our knowing, offers a potent answer to those who claim that meaninglessness inevitably flows from one’s finiteness and transiency.  
- Irvin Yalom, Staring at the Sun
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