Checkups are short, two-session, programs that can be done anytime in a relationship. They help keep healthy relationships healthy and they help prevent decline. They can be a great starting point if you are not sure if you need help or what help might be best. They can be simply a unique way to connect and build intimacy in an already strong relationship.

They can be a one-time program to try.

They can be done at times of change:
Considering or having/adopting children
Getting married
Moving in
Job change or unemployment
Changing relationship agreements
Illness (physical (i.e. cancer), mental health (i.e. depression) 
and more

And, much like an annual physical checkup or your regular dentist visits, checkups are best done annually as a preventive program to maintain relationship health.

We use Cordova's Relationship Checkup, which has been well-researched for effectiveness across many demographics (race, SES, GRSM/LGBTQIAP, and more). The checkup can be done in person or online. For more information check the website (you will be leaving our site):
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Relationship Checkups