Mary Minten is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Board Certified Sex Therapist, and Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor.

We offer:

Couple and Relationship Therapy (infidelity, loss of sexual desire or other sexual health concerns, conflict, grief and loss, separation and divorce, and more).

Family Therapy (parenting, conflict, setting limits, building frienships and support within the family, concerns with development through teenage years, and more)

​Individual therapy  (mental, emotional, relational, sexual, and work-related health and wellness)

Specialization in relational and sexual health

Groups and classes on various topics throughout the year

Supervision for licensed interns and professionals

​Consultation for community agencies and groups

Training and educational events
Contact us at:

775 329-4582 ext 8

New Leaf Counseling and Counsulting
Mary Minten, MFT, CST, LCADC
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Our office specializes in relationship health.  Couples may find support for concerns ranging from conflict skills, friendship, and sexual connection. Families may find support for improved parenting, stronger bonds, and more room for all individuals in the family to be authentically themselves. Individuals may find support for improving their relationships at home, work, and school as well as improved mental well-being. No therapy can promise results, however our office aims to provide evidence-based and advanced therapy. We prioritize each clients' needs and perspectives in the process. We value the reasons and desires of the individuals in treatment and we support deeper connection and meaning in one's life.

We welcome all gender and sexual minorities - including polyamorous, BDSM, kink, lesbian, gay, transgender, genderqueer, asexual, demisexual, pansexual, intersex, and others. Ms. Minten is a KAP professional (Kink Aware Professional).  Individuals and partners are supported in their own values, desire maps, and relational and sexual connections.