Mary Minten is a Relationship and Family Therapist, Drug and Alcohol Counselor, and Clinical Sexologist
Therapy is offered for Individuals (Adults, Children, Adolescents), Couples, Families, and Groups
Treatment is available for:
Individual, Couple, and Family Health
Relationship Concerns
Family and Parenting Issues
Play Therapy for Younger Children

Sexual Health and Intimacy
Sexual Disorders
Spiritual Health
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, and Queer (LGBTIQ) Relational and Individual Health

Supervision for clinicians and professionals is available for:
Marriage and Family Therapist Interns for licensure (primary and secondary supervision)
Other topics of interest to clinicians and professionals for continuing education and personal supervision, such as Motivational Interviewing (including tape coding, feedback,  and group or individual trainings); sexual health and sex therapy; LGBTIQ Health; basics of DBT therapy and more.


Contact us at:
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New Leaf Counseling and Counsulting
Mary Minten, MFT, DAACS, LCADC
Mary’s philosophy includes the idea that each person comes to treatment with their own strengths, goals, and dreams, which hold keys to recovery and healing. Thus finding a sense of purpose, building on one's strengths, and fostering hope are important elements in her work.
What makes our practice unique is first the range of clinical skills and knowledge that come from Mary's comprehensive and in-depth training and experience. As humans, we are spiritual, sexual, relational, mental, emotional, and physical beings, and treatment for the whole person is important.

Mary  supports individuals accepting themselves - their mistakes, challenges,  feelings, and desires - while simultaneously encouraging, supporting,  and challenging them to make needed and important changes in  themselves.  She is trained and skilled in Dialectical Behavioral  Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Gottman Method Couples Therapy,  Emotion-Focused Therapy, and EMDR - each of these modalities is an  evidence-based in-depth clinical training that supports the challenges  any of us face as we embark on a journey of change. She  has worked with clients from all backgrounds and walks of life, ith a variety of challenges: from  large families to couples and individuals, from adolescents struggling with  self-harm and suicide attempts, to adults with co-occurring (mental health and substance use) disorders that  severely interfere with their relationships and professional/work  lives, to couples and individuals working to find their own sense of connection and value for their sexuality and their gender.

For couples we have couples therapy, as well as groups for building friendship, conflict resolution, and sexual health, and groups for couples basedon the
Gottman Method Seven Principles of Making a Marriage
Work, and other topics and groups.

Mary is the first board certified clinical sexologist in the Northern Nevada  area. She works from a sex-positive framework-viewing sex and sexuality  as sources of well being, health, creativity, connection, and pleasure  in our lives. Sexual and relational health are for everyone, whether that need is small or large. Couples and individuals who come into treatment include old and young, various ways they are physically able-bodied, married, dating, or partnered/committed, monagamous and polyamorous, heterosexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender. Individuals and couples in the BDSM, swing, and kink communities will find support in this office. We believe national board certification in sexology offers you the most comprehensive treatment - national board certification in sex therapy and clinical sexology requires in-depth and intensive training with rigorous standards.

Young kids can benefit from Play Therapy - a form of therapy that uses their language, the language of play. Ms. Minten uses a non-directive form of play therapy which allows kids to express their feelings and their needs in their own way. We also offer parenting classes particularly for parenting kids and adolescents with intense emotional responses.